Photovoltaic plants

Enertronica is a leading operator in the photovoltaic plants sector. The technologies guarantee excellent results and the highest rates of return of the sector, with years of experience and tens of plants created in Italy and around the world. In this field, the products of Enertronica shift from the Anchoring systems for ground-mounted photovoltaic plants to the Support systems for sloping, flat or vaults roofs, from the Mono-axial and biaxial photovoltaic trackers to Photovoltaic roofs and greenhouses.

Photovoltaic plants

Enertronica, through its subsidiaries, works for the design and installation of small photovoltaic plants. Our offer includes everything that is necessary to give a turnkey system ready to be used


Enertronica operates as EPC for building photovoltaic power plants for the electricity production.


  • Design and construction of turnkey photovoltaic power plants
  • Design and construction of anchoring systems for photovoltaic plants
  • Design and construction of mono-axial and bi-axial photovoltaic trackers
  • Maintenance, systems of supervision and surveillance of photovoltaic power plants
  • Electrical systems
  • Civil works
  • Production of components for the photovoltaic

Enertronica operates as EPC CONTRACTOR for large ground-mounted plants and covering plants


  • Financial assistance through participation in risk capital
  • Due diligence;
  • Preliminary design
  • Executive design
  • Material procurement
  • Construction
  • Plant maintenance

Enertronica takes advantage of a close collaboration with OSIM Plocco in Frosinone for its own anchoring systems production. The OSIM Plocco has been engaged for decades in activities of production in metal processing and the plastic moulding field. This partnership has allowed Enertronica to pursue the dynamics of the photovoltaic market by presenting some productions managed with extremely short timeframe and simultaneously characterized by the best quality standards on the market.