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Enertronica Spa has developed solar tracking systems for the electricity production that increase the productivity of photovoltaic plants

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ENERTRACKER 4 | Biaxial tracking system

The biaxial tracker Enertracker is the result of a careful engineering study and it guarantees the best ongoing reliability (thanks to an integral protection of the two three-phases motorizations) with an almost inexistent ordinary maintenance. The rotation on vertical axis happens on a mechanical fifth wheel with tempered teeth and tracks of high constructive precision and it is completely sealed. Thanks to the particular used materials, the rotation on horizontal axis happens without using the lubricant and consequently its use is allowed also in dusty and/or sandy areas, with temperatures from 14°F to 140°F. The installation is possible on a heavy support in carbon or with spiral anchoring systems, available for any type of terrain (also in AISI 304 version) and easily removable at 100% without land reclamation works. Steel structures are protected with a treatment of hot-dip galvanising and epoxy paint, that is guaranteed for 20 years

The Enertracker biaxial tracker has an innovative control system of tracking developed in collaboration with the Engineering Faculty of the Cassino University. The control system used by Enertracker minimises the installation and the initial pointing timeframe, it doesn’t require periodic maintenance and it is insensitive to phenomena of environmental reflection

Thanks to the adopted original solutions, the Enertracker biaxial tracker is easily configurable in order to accept different formats of panel with the desired orientation, obtaining any final composition. The designers have paid attention to the cost reduction of installation, by dividing the tracker into three groups using minimal space, and making them easy to be transported and reassembled in the final destination

  • Conformità: CE
  • Carico neve: 90 kg / m2
  • Resistenza al vento: 150  /  100 km/h  a 0°/ 70°
  • Rotazione su asse orizzontale: 0° ¸ 270°    w=0,62°/s    T(180°)=4’ 50”
  • Rotazione su asse
  • Motorizzazioni: Trifase  4  poli  2×120 W
  • Ancoraggi a chiocciola: Fe360 / AISI 304   600 £ L ³ 1600 mm
  • Base in acciaio: 6×6 m  M= 1100 kg
  • Base in cemento armato: D 3,0 x h 0,85 m           M  14000 kg
  • Massa inseguitore senza base e pannelli: 950 ¸ 1050  kg
  • Potenza impianto: 4,2 ¸ 7 kW