Company business

Enertronica is a company working in Italy in the renewable energy, and energy saving sector. Its main activities concern, in particular, the following sectors: photovoltaic plants, lightening and electricity sale. These activities are divided into “Strategic Business Units” (S.B.U.).


The acronym EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) indicates the subject which has been entrusted by a “general contractor”, with the task of design, construction, plants and systems delivery, in this case, related to the photovoltaic sector.

Enertronica operates as EPC for building photovoltaic power plants for electricity production, by proposing specialised solutions in large plants sector and by guaranteeing to the contractor the turnkey supply of the photovoltaic plant through the following phases:

– analysis of the building site and study of the technical and economic feasibility for the research of the best plant solution in order to satisfy the customer demands
– making of business plans
– evaluation of the most suitable financial channels for the different needs
– making of the preliminary project and presentation of the demand of connection to the electric grid
– making of the definitive and executive project and its security plan
– predisposition to the works progress of the plant
– production of all the administrative documents of the plant, concerning the realisation of the plant
– installation of the photovoltaic plant, technical acceptance and connection to the national electricity grid
– post-installation consultancy, management of the relations with the Energy Services Manager S.p.A. and maintenance of the plant


The Issuer operates as EPC contractor also in the design and realisation of anchoring systems of photovoltaic modules (also mounting systems of the same panels for pitched and flat roofs, facades, cantilevered roofs and greenhouses) and solar tracking systems (mono-axial and biaxial).


Enertronica also operates as Energy Service Company (“ESCO”), by offering services with the aim to improve the energy efficiency of plants/systems, installations and/or places in general, by assuming the risks of the initiative, and by “freeing” the final customer from every organisational and investment charge. The obtained savings are shared between the ESCO and the final customer through different types of commercial agreement.


The issuer operates in the free market of electricity as reseller and distributor by purchasing the energy from third party suppliers and by reselling it to final customers through the supply contracts. Enertronica offers services on the electric market that include expert advice, managerial monitoring of supply, transfer management and takeovers, quotes for power increase and meter shift, meter readings and advances on invoices through email.