Enertronica signs a revamping contract with an innovative formula with the Platina group

Enertronica, Italian company operating in the industry of renewables, energy saving, engineering and manufacturing of electro-mechanical systems, has signed a contract for the supply of 10MW of inverters with the Platina Energy Partners LLP group. In addition to the supply of inverters, the contract also provides an innovative formula accompanied by payment deferred over 5 years, maintenance services and availability guarantees. With this type of contract, the customer dilutes the financial impact of the extraordinary maintenance over time, benefits from scheduled maintenance and has a 5-year guarantee of a high level operation.

The agreement is part of the Group’s new business model, which envisions a greater focus on high value-added services as well as constructions of established relationships with its customers.
This agreement is of particular importance, not only for the relevance of the single commercial opportunity, but above all because it offers the market a new way of providing services relative to extraordinary maintenance interventions.

Platina is a company independent of the European Investment Fund founded in 2002. It focuses on infrastructure projects in the renewable energy sector, mainly wind and solar plants through Platina Energy Partners, as well as private equity investments in small and medium-sized businesses through Platina Equity Solutions